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Website Integration and devlopment of Salesforce/Propertybase custom application


Forbes Global Properties, a distinguished real estate network catering to high-net-worth individuals globally, collaborated with Frozen Fish Development’s experts to streamline the integration of their website, listings, and inquiries. Additionally, the project involved configuring and deploying a custom Salesforce CRM solution to enable members to efficiently manage listings, agents, and leads.


  1. Intuitive UI Design:
    • Forbes Global Properties emphasized the importance of creating layouts and functionalities that are intuitive and easy for all members and agents to use. The goal was to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing agents, listings, and leads.
  2. Fully Automated API:
    • The global network of luxury members within Forbes Global Properties required a seamless method to keep agent and listing information up to date and display the latest information. The focus was on achieving real-time synchronization of data for efficient and accurate information dissemination.
  3. Security and Privacy:
    • Working with multiple member brokerages globally, Forbes Global Properties prioritized the confidentiality and security of data. The challenge was to implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information among the hundreds of users utilizing their systems.
  4. Automation for Productivity:
    • Recognizing the significance of automation in enhancing productivity, Forbes Global Properties sought various automations to streamline daily tasks for their team. The objective was to address repetitive tasks and improve overall operational efficiency through automated processes.
  5. Analytics for Insight:
    • Forbes Global Properties aimed to provide agents with insights into all activities on their website, enabling them to better understand how users interact with their listings. The challenge involved integrating analytics tools to offer comprehensive insights for agents to analyze user behavior and optimize listings.
  6. Scalability and Performance:
    • Ensuring scalability to handle spikes in users and traffic was a critical consideration for Forbes Global Properties. The challenge was to develop a system capable of efficiently handling varying loads, guaranteeing a seamless experience even during peak usage periods.


Frozen Fish Development collaborated closely with the Forbes Global Properties team to implement a strategy for seamless adoption of the Salesforce CRM platform among luxury members and agents. The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Easy-to-Use Layouts, Apps, Dashboards, and Reports:
    • Streamlined Salesforce functionality by eliminating unnecessary applications, fields, buttons, and elements. This approach resulted in an intuitive and easily adaptable experience for Forbes Global Properties team members and agents. Users could efficiently find and complete tasks with improved speed and effectiveness.
  2. Inbound API Integration:
    • Developed a custom inbound APEX REST API for Salesforce, enabling members to submit listing and agent updates. The API validated listing data to meet Forbes Global Properties’ luxury standards, adding them to a queue for review by a team member.
  3. Outbound API Integration:
    • Utilized a custom PHP application to synchronize the latest updates and data from Salesforce to the Forbes Global Properties public-facing website. This ensured the website consistently displayed the most up-to-date data, images, and listings.
  4. Flows Trigger and Code:
    • Automated numerous processes using Salesforce Flows, Triggers, and APEX code. This included tasks such as inquiry notifications, lead routing, listing publishing/unpublishing rules, and other daily activities, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  5. Listing Performance Tracking:
    • Implemented robust analytics tools and a custom PHP/Salesforce application to track specific metrics on the website. The data was integrated into a custom Visual Force interface in Salesforce, providing members and agents with valuable insights into their listing performance and user engagement.
  6. Cost-Effective Hosting and Maintenance:
    • Provided secure, scalable, cloud-based hosting for the site, analytics, and database to ensure optimal uptime. Managed all patches, updates, and servers to guarantee a malware-free environment, ensuring the site’s continuous availability.
  7. Consulting:
    • Offered comprehensive analysis, best practices, advice, architecture, and models to support Forbes Global Properties in launching their Luxury Listing brands website. The consulting services aimed at providing guidance and expertise to make the website accessible to a global audience.


Forbes Global Properties has emerged as the global leader in Luxury Listings, experiencing rapid growth by continually adding new members and agents. Frozen Fish Development takes pride in playing a pivotal role in launching and establishing this luxury brand, turning it into a reality.

The collaboration between Forbes Global Properties and Frozen Fish Development has delivered successful, impressive, and ongoing results:

  • Continued Expansion:
    • Forbes Global Properties has witnessed substantial growth, expanding its reach and influence in the luxury real estate market globally.
  • Ongoing Support and Updates:
    • Frozen Fish Development remains actively involved in supporting Forbes Global Properties by implementing updates to their Salesforce platform, website, and addressing other evolving needs. This commitment ensures that Forbes Global Properties maintains its position as a premier luxury real estate network.

The success story of Forbes Global Properties is a testament to the effective partnership between the two entities, showcasing the ability to meet challenges, implement innovative solutions, and adapt to the dynamic landscape of the luxury real estate industry.

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