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Salesforce Implementation, Consulting, Development.

Frozen Fish Development is one of the best salesforce development companies in United States providing salesforce development services, salesforce consulting, salesforce professional services, salesforce development services and salesforce application development. Our Salesforce solutions and services are provided by industry’s best salesforce experts and certified salesforce developers.

Salesforce Implementation

FFD can help to setup, configure and implement your Salesforce organization. From page layouts to security our team can get your Salesforce Organization up and running in no time.

APEX Development

FFD has developers that are well versed in writing custom APEX triggers, batches, code, and any other Salesforce code level updates.

Lightning Development

FFD can create custom lightning controls and components for your Salesforce organization.

Flows and Processes

FFD can create custom screen, record driven, or even time-based flows to help automate your Salesforce Organization.

Dashboards and Reports

FFD can assist in getting the correct data Infront of your users with Indepth reports and dashboards.

Design and Consuting

FFD can extend your current Salesforce team and assist with design, architecture, and consulting on Salesforce features and customizations.

Website Design, Development and Maintenance

Frozen Fish Development is Website and software development company in United States providing web design services, software development services, software development service, website custom development , salesforce development services, custom software, and website design and development.

Our best website builders provide website custom design and development services to make your website more interactive and user friendly.

Custom Website Buildout

FFD can build you a website from the ground up, making your website a one of a kind. We can build on multiple platforms and add any features you need to help automate and advertise your business.

Templated Websites

FFD can create websites that fit any company's budget. By using prebuilt templates, we can customize the look and feel of the site to make it your own. FFD can help you to pick the best template to suit your company's needs.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Now adays most traffic to your site will come from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. FFD can help to get your new or existing site looking and performing great on many different devices and aspect ratios.

Site Maintenance

FFD can maintain your current site to include, updating content, styles, plugins, and applying server patches. It is important to make sure your site is kept up to date in order to avoid any hacking attempts and to keep the site consistent with the newer technologies.

Other Offerings

Frozen Fish Development offers a magnitude of different technical services and offerings.  Reach out to us today to see how we can help you and your business with your projects, processes and visions.

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