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Why Choose Salesforce Apex Development

Salesforce Apex is a robust, highly customizable programming language specifically designed for building applications on the Salesforce platform. By leveraging the power of Apex, you can extend the functionality of Salesforce to suit your unique business needs. Whether you require custom workflows, data manipulation, or complex business logic, Apex provides the tools to create tailored solutions that drive your business forward.

Solving Challenges with Apex Code

Apex is the tool we use to tackle tough tasks like creating web and email services, validating data across multiple areas, and designing unique business processes. Our developers use Apex to add extra functionality to your Salesforce platform. And with Apex, everything runs smoothly on the Lightning Platform, ensuring a seamless experience for your team.

Expert Developers at Your Service

Our team of certified Salesforce Apex Developers knows their stuff. We will work closely with you to understand your business and create solutions that fit your needs perfectly. From custom workflows to intricate business processes, we'll help take your business to new heights with Salesforce.

Automating Your Salesforce Experience

Apex isn't just powerful – it's also flexible. We use it to automate tasks like data management, making sure your Salesforce system works exactly how you need it to. Our team can integrate Apex with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to more efficient workflows. Whether it's sales, services, or other business processes, we've got you covered.

Tailored Support for Your Business

We're here for you every step of the way. Our team provides ongoing support for Salesforce Admin tasks and responds to your requests quickly. We'll get to know your business inside and out, ensuring we provide the specialized solutions you need to succeed.``

Salesforce Development

Recent Case Studies

Website Integration and devlopment of Salesforce/Propertybase custom application

Facilitating the establishment of a new Salesforce organization seamlessly integrated with a fully custom website.

Migrating processes and application to Salesforce

Expanding and training an in-house team to proficiently launch and integrate a new Salesforce organization.

Custom Applications for clients and help in supporting existing platform

Delivering customized development, augmenting an internal team, and providing specialized support for a Salesforce Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner and their application.

Ongoing Salesforce and Propertybase customizations and support

Continuing support, consulting, and customization for a seamlessly integrated Salesforce organization and an existing application.

MLS integration and custom development on Salesforce

New platform development for Forbes Global Properties for listing, member and agent management

Custom integration with Quickbooks to Process Medicare claims.

Enhanced web presence and streamlined accounting and Medicare processing to improve efficiency and eliminate duplicate efforts.

Why Frozen Fish

Salesforce is an extremely powerful CRM that can supercharge a business’s growth – but its high level of functionality means that many companies aren’t making full use of its capabilities, or have set it up in a way that doesn’t suit the needs of their business.

As a certified Salesforce consulting agency, we offer the highest level of Salesforce advice and development to our clients. With us by their side, they can make the most of the platform’s functionality and maximize their return on investment, turning Salesforce into an invaluable business asset.

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