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Ongoing Salesforce and Propertybase customizations and support


John L. Scott Real Estate, a prominent player in the real estate industry, partnered with Frozen Fish Development to streamline its internal and external processes through the implementation of Propertybase powered by Salesforce. This ongoing collaboration spans multiple years, marking a transformative journey for John L. Scott as they leverage Salesforce solutions for enhanced efficiency for their brokerage and agents and sustainable growth.


  1. Integration with Existing Platform:
    • John L. Scott aimed to extend their existing platform, leveraging the robust features of Propertybase powered by Salesforce to enhance capabilities and offerings for their agents.
  2. Custom API Methods:
    • John L. Scott needed extensive custom APIs to facilitate continuous synchronization of data between multiple systems, ensuring seamless and real-time information flow.
  3. Custom Listing Integration:
    • A critical need for an application that continuously syncs listing data between systems to provide agents with the most up-to-date and accurate listing information,
  4. Automation for Productivity:
    • John L. Scott sought multiple automations to enhance platform user-friendliness and save agents time on their daily tasks, fostering increased productivity.
  5. Custom Sharing and Permissions:
    • A requirement for a custom sharing model and permissions across multiple objects, designed to share records with groups of users based on specific rules and criteria.
  6. Ongoing Support:
    • John L. Scott required a reliable partner capable of providing ongoing support and maintenance for all systems built on their Salesforce platform, ensuring continuous operational excellence.


Frozen Fish Development maintains an ongoing collaboration with the John L. Scott team, working diligently to improve and elevate their Salesforce platform. The partnership has seen the implementation of various customizations, including Custom Lightning Components, APEX Code, APEX Triggers, flows, and processes tailored to address the specific needs of John L. Scott.

  1. Integration with Existing Platform:
    • Solution: Seamless integration of Propertybase powered by Salesforce with John L. Scott’s existing platform was achieved through a network of custom REST APIs and applications. This integration extended capabilities and enriched the overall agent experience.
  2. Custom APEX and Lightning Components:
    • Solution: Multiple custom applications, incorporating APEX, Lightning Components, Visual Force Pages, APEX Triggers, custom flows, and other technologies, were delivered by Frozen Fish Development. These applications effectively addressed various challenges presented by John L. Scott, contributing to a more robust Salesforce environment.
  3. Custom Listing Integration:
    • Solution: A dedicated multi-threaded .NET Core application was developed to ensure the continuous synchronization of listing data. This solution guarantees that agents have real-time access to the most accurate and up-to-date listing information.
  4. Automation for Productivity:
    • Solution: Frozen Fish Development strategically implemented multiple Salesforce automations to enhance user-friendliness and streamline daily tasks. These automation initiatives significantly boosted agent productivity and overall operational efficiency.
  5. Custom Sharing:
    • Solution: A fully customized sharing APEX application was designed and implemented, providing a flexible and dynamic sharing mechanism. This solution allows records to be shared with groups of users based on specific rules and criteria, enhancing collaboration and data accessibility.
  6. Ongoing Support:
    • Solution: As a trusted partner, Frozen Fish Development provides continuous support and maintenance for all systems built on the Salesforce platform at John L. Scott. This ongoing commitment ensures the continuous reliability and operational efficiency of their Salesforce platform and integrated solutions.


The collaborative efforts between John L. Scott Real Estate and Frozen Fish Development have yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Platform Capabilities:
    • The integration with Propertybase powered by Salesforce extended the capabilities of John L. Scott’s existing platform, providing agents with advanced features and functionalities.
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization:
    • Custom API methods facilitated continuous data synchronization between multiple systems, ensuring that information is always up to date.
  • Dynamic Listing Information:
    • The custom listing integration application ensures that agents have access to the most current and accurate listing information, fostering informed decision-making.
  • Improved Productivity:
    • Automation implementations resulted in a more user-friendly platform, saving agents time on daily tasks and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Flexible Sharing Model:
    • The custom sharing model allows for dynamic sharing of records among groups of users based on specific rules and criteria, providing a tailored and efficient sharing mechanism.
  • Reliable Ongoing Support:
    • Frozen Fish Development continues to be a trusted partner, offering ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the sustained performance of all systems on the Salesforce platform.

In summary, the collaborative efforts have not only met but exceeded the initial requirements, establishing a robust Salesforce-powered foundation for John L. Scott Real Estate’s operations, and positioning them for continued success in the real estate industry.

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