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Migrating processes and application to Salesforce


Rocket Homes, a prominent player in lending and mortgages, recognized the need for a significant overhaul in their technology infrastructure. To modernize their operations and replace an aging custom system, they sought the expertise of Frozen Fish Development. The goal was to set up a new Salesforce organization and migrate existing processes, requiring full-time dedicated Salesforce developers, architects, and training specialists.


  1. Configuration and Deployment:
    • Rocket Homes aimed to initiate a new Salesforce organization to replace an outdated custom system and processes.
  2. Team Extension:
    • Rocket Homes needed to augment their in-house team with dedicated Salesforce experts to accelerate the deployment of Salesforce applications.
  3. Training and Assistance:
    • Rocket Homes sought training and assistance for their existing team to transition into learning APEX and mastering the Salesforce platform.
  4. Third Party Integrations:
    • Rocket Homes required integration with multiple third parties and Salesforce including but not limited to five9, Medallia and many others.


Frozen Fish Development worked closely with the Rocket Homes team of engineers, project managers, product owners and desision makers to design a comprehensive Salesforce implementation to meet the specific needs of Rocket Homes’ buisness and administrative teams.  We supplied multiple full time resources to help excellerate the Salesforce onboarding and build out.

  1. Configuration and Deployment:
    • The Frozen Fish Development team engaged in a thorough analysis of Rocket Homes’ requirements and successfully configured the new Salesforce organization to align with their business processes. The deployment strategy ensured minimal disruption during the transition.
  2. Team Extension:
    • A dedicated team of Salesforce developers and architects seamlessly integrated with Rocket Homes’ existing team. Their expertise played a pivotal role in accelerating the deployment of Salesforce applications, ensuring a timely and efficient implementation.
  3. Training and Assistance:
    • Customized training programs were designed to cater to Rocket Homes’ specific needs. Hands-on sessions were conducted to familiarize the team with APEX development, Salesforce best practices, and platform capabilities. Ongoing assistance was provided to address queries and challenges during the learning process.
  4. Integration with Third Parties:
    • Frozen Fish Development implemented a robust API integration strategy, collaborating closely with Rocket Homes’ team to design and implement connections between Salesforce and various third-party platforms. This integration facilitated the exchange of data, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem that optimized Rocket Homes’ operations.


The collaboration between Rocket Homes and Frozen Fish Development yielded transformative results:

  1. Efficient Salesforce Organization:
    • The new Salesforce organization proved to be a robust and efficient replacement for the outdated custom system, streamlining operations and enhancing overall productivity.
  2. Accelerated Deployment:
    • With the expertise of dedicated Salesforce developers and architects, Rocket Homes experienced an accelerated deployment of Salesforce applications, meeting business objectives within the stipulated timelines.
  3. Skilled and Empowered Team:
    • Rocket Homes’ in-house team underwent a successful transformation, acquiring proficiency in APEX development and mastering the Salesforce platform. The training and assistance provided empowered the team to take ownership of ongoing Salesforce initiatives.
  4. Interconnected Ecosystem:
    • The successful API integration created an interconnected ecosystem, allowing Rocket Homes to leverage the capabilities of various third-party tools seamlessly within the Salesforce platform. This holistic approach enhanced the overall functionality and utility of the Salesforce implementation.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Rocket Homes and Frozen Fish Development exemplifies the positive impact of dedicated Salesforce expertise and tailored training in driving successful digital transformations within organizations. The strategic approach to configuration, deployment, team extension, and training resulted in a modernized and empowered workforce for Rocket Homes.



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